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Our Story

The SIM People Development Fund (SIMPDF) was set up to support Singaporeans from all walks of life in upskilling through access to learning pathways and experiences. Since March 2021, We are a registered charity with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. Our donors are given tax deductions for their donations to SIMPDF.

From 2024 onwards, we have finetuned our focus to serve four groups of people who fall through the cracks – the Displaced, the Dependent, the Disconnected, and the Disabled.

We are governed by a diverse and independent board of directors.​


Purpose Driven Initiatives

SIMPDF addresses gaps in existing initiatives and offer help to those that do not meet the eligibility creteria. This is done through piloting innovative initiatives to equip individuals with skills to future-proof their careers.


Individual Grants

Facilitate education and skills development to enhance employability
and social mobility of learners

Enterprise Grants

Aid organisation transformation through innovative workforce

Research Grants

Build and make accessible new research knowledge in selected fields for individuals and organisations

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Our Mission

Enabling Singaporeans to participate in the ever-changing marketplace by realising the potential of their life skills through access to learning pathways.

Our Vision

Successful bridging of opportunities for Singaporeans to fully participate in the economy.

Keeping it SIMPLE –

Singaporeans in the Marketplace, Pathways, and Learning Experiences

Our Differentiating Factors


We are a charity with a start-up mandate and mindset in that we are comfortable with uncertainties, and we believe in collaborating with partners on the ground across our four target groups of the Displaced, Dependent, Disconnected and Disabled .

Our primary focus is empowering individuals with valuable skills to thrive in life, employment and challenges. Adopting a targeted approach and informed by research, we aim serve to fill the gaps that are not addressed in the current landscape.