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Respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data

The SIM People Development Fund (SIMPDF) respects your privacy and recognises the importance of data protection.

In the course of your dealing with us, we may be required to collect and use your personal data – such as when you apply for our grants, or through any other engagements with us.

Your personal data is used strictly for legitimate business purposes and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”).

“Personal data” is data or a set of data which when put together, would identify an individual. Personal data may be in digital or non-digital forms and may include full name, national identification number, personal mobile number and email address, voice and/or image recording (such as CCTV, photograph and audio/video recording), age, credit card number, residential address and phone number. It does not include business contact information.

To “process” means to collect, use, store, transfer, disclose, alter, correct, delete or destroy personal data.

To find out more about PDPA, you may visit the Singapore Personal Data Protection Commission’s website.


What personal data do we collect

The amount and type of personal data we collect from you will be limited to what is necessary, reasonable, lawful and for identified purposes. They may include the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • Full name
  • National identification number
  • Home address
  • Contact number (residential and mobile)
  • Email address
  • Facial image (ID photo, video, CCTV recording, etc.)
  • Date of birth
  • Bank account details, credit card number
  • Next-of-kin personal details (name, relationship, contact number for emergency)
  • Past academic achievements, results/transcripts, other assessment details and/or qualifications
  • Past employment information and/or curriculum vitae
  • Any other types of personal data indicated in our data collection forms, for which the appropriate purposes(s) will be made known to you.


We will seek your consent before collecting additional data or using your data for a purpose which has not been indicated to you, except where permitted by law.

How we use your personal data

We may use your personal data:

  • to comply with applicable laws, regulations and/or requirements from government bodies regulatory authorities, and/or other relevant bodies
  • to fulfil legitimate business interests and/or contractual and legal obligations
  • for improving and enhancing our products and services, and innovation
  • for assessing eligibility for our grants, and performing administration, as required by SIMPDF and/or collaborating organisations, and/or any relevant regulatory bodies
  • for sending communication collaterals and publications
  • for conducting centralised operations and services more efficiently, such as financial and payment matters, audit matters and/or other general administration
  • for gathering and responding to feedback, enquiries, surveys and/or other data analysis to improve our grant offerings, policies and planning
  • for carrying out safety and security measures such as closed-circuit television (CCTV), protection against unauthorised access or usage of our physical or IT platforms, investigating any fraudulent activities and conducting checks and audits
  • for news, publicity, training and educational purposes, through the use of your photographs, videos and/or audio recordings taken at events or other activities.


For any other purpose not related to what is indicated in this statement or in any contract with us, we will seek your separate consent in writing where applicable.


Who we share your personal data with

We may share your personal data within SIMPDF, with our approved third-party service providers, partner organisations and affiliates, and relevant regulatory bodies for the purposes mentioned above.

We may use and disclose your personal data without consent as permitted under statutory exemptions, such as when:

  • required by law; or is necessary for any investigation or proceedings
  • necessary to respond to an emergency that threatens the life, health or safety of yourself or another individual.


Transfer of personal data outside Singapore

Generally, we do not transfer personal data out of Singapore except under collaboration with partner organisations and our approved third-party service providers for applicable services. Should we do so, we will ensure there is data protection of a standard that is at least comparable to that under the PDPA.


How we protect your personal data

We understand the importance of protecting your personal data and deploy appropriate security and technological measures to safeguard your data.


How long do we keep your personal data

We retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which they were collected, for business or legal purposes, or as required or permitted under law. When we no longer need your personal data, we will delete or destroy it securely.


How to withdraw consent, access, update or correct your personal data

We respect your rights to your personal data. Please complete the “Contact Us Regarding Your Personal Data” form and we will respond as follows:

  • Withdrawal of consent – within 10 working days upon receiving your request.
  • Access, update or correct your personal data – within 30 calendar days upon receiving your request.


To process your request, we will seek to verify your identity and other details so as to retrieve the relevant data. If we are unable to complete your request we will inform you of the reasons.

In responding to your access request, we may collect a reasonable fee if necessary and will inform you beforehand. We may also require a reasonable ground, such as a police report in order to access CCTV data, which we will inform you prior to processing your request.


Cookies and other ad-tracking technologies

When you visit and use the services on our website, we may collect information from your browser using tracking technologies (such as cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels etc.) These tracking technologies help us understand how the site is used and enable us to enhance your browsing experience on our website.

We may collect information from your browser including but not limited to information such as IP address, browsing behaviour and preferences. Tracking is anonymous and no personal information is collected. You may choose to decline cookies in your browser setting; however, this may affect your web experience.



If you are below 13 years old, you must obtain your parent/guardian’s consent before providing your data to us, unless under exceptions and/or provisions of other relevant acts and regulations. We may request for evidence of parental/guardian’s consent obtained before processing your personal data.


Updates to this statement

This statement applies in conjunction with any other relevant policies, notices, contractual and consent clauses entered with us.

To ensure relevancy, we may update this statement from time to time, without prior notice. Please visit this website for the latest version.

For any queries or feedback regarding this statement, please contact us using the “Contact Us Regarding Your Personal Data” form or email us at enquiries@simpdf.sg.


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